Automatic Welders


Eagle V42DD

The Winston Group - Eagle V42DD


  • Temperature: Ambient to 1350° F (732° C)
  • Drive Speed: 0-30 ft./min. (0-9 meters/min.)
  • Wattage 4200 @ 220 Volts, single phase, 50/60 Hz
  • Voltage: 220 VAC, single phase @ 50-60 Hz
  • Shipping Weight: 98 lbs. (44 kg) with tool box

The Eagle V42DD is a rugged, multipurpose motorized welder, exclusively designed for modified bitumen membranes. The Eagle hand gun is easily detachable to do end laps and details. The V42DD features temperatures up to 1350° F (732° C), variable motor speed control, built-in volt meter, and a free-wheeling chain drive to increase productivity. The two-in-one detachable hand gun makes the Eagle V42DD the most versatile welder available.

The Winston Group - Eagle Heat Gun
Detachable heat gun
for end laps and detail work.

  • Nine temperature settings, up to 1350° F (732° C).
  • Off/on switch with screened air inlet and air control.
  • Built-in rest and variable tool holder.
  • Variable speed motor control for all materials.
  • Volt meter monitor.
  • Start/stop switch for positive control.
  • Drive/free-wheel gear box for rapid return.
  • Standard extras include: two ten pound weights, and a tool box with foam inserts for shipping and storage.
  • Optional equipment available includes: electrical extensions, twist lock plugs, additional weights and plug-in heating elements.
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