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The Winston Group provides automatic hot air welders for joining thermoplastic membranes using a precise combination of heat, speed, and pressure.

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The hand held heat gun product line consists of several variations of the basic tool in voltages of 100,120, 200 and 230v. There is a larger version capable of supplying 4600 watts of heat output. In addition there is a complete set of nozzle attachments and accessories to round out the product line.

The company also offers a product line of automatic self-propelled welders for the roofing market specifically designed to weld thermo-plastic and modified bitumen membranes.

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As an Original Equipment Manufacturer, The Winston Group specializes in producing industrial grade hot air welding tools, and is the sole manufacturer in the USA of a comprehensive range of welders. These tools include both handheld and automatic versions designed for the roofing, flooring, civil engineering, and industrial fabrics markets.

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The Winston Group is a US-based manufacturer that produces industrial-grade hot air welding tools. They are the sole manufacturer in the country that offers a complete range of welding equipment, which includes handheld hot air welders as well as automatic versions suitable for the roofing, flooring, civil engineering, and industrial fabrics market.

The hand held heat gun product line is available in 115V. A larger unit can provide up to 230V. To complement this product line, the company also offers a comprehensive set of nozzle attachments and accessories.

Additionally, The Winston Group provides a range of automatic, self-propelled welders specifically designed for the roofing market. These welders are capable of welding thermo-plastic and modified bitumen membranes, and are ideal for use in this industry.

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The compact and powerful EAGLE 2000-V42MB hot air welding tool simplifies seam bonding in tight spaces with its 4200 watt heat element, double insulation, and ISO color coding for added electrical safety. Ideal for welding modified bitumen details, this lightweight and rugged heat gun is designed for 230v operation.
Compact and lightweight, the EAGLE 3000 simplifies seam bonding in all the hard-to-weld areas. The EAGLE 3000 is available for either 110 VAC or 220/240 VAC operations.
Easily weld TPO, PVC, and CSPE membranes with the user-friendly Talon 5000 automatic hot air welder. Featuring accurate digital temperature control, independent variable temperature and speed controls, angled display for easy reading in sunlight, and LED work light for directional control under low light conditions.
Weld modified bitumen membranes easily with the user-friendly Talon 7000 automatic hot air welder. Analog speed and temperature controls make adjustments simple, even in bright sunlight.