Automatic Welders

A precise combination of heat, speed, and pressure is employed by a hot air welder to join thermoplastic industrial fabrics and films.


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EAGLE 3000
TALON 5000
TALON 7000

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Fabricated Stainless Steel Parts

100% designed, manufactured and serviced in the United States.
All of our fabricated stainless steel parts are 100% made in the USA and are designed, manufactured, and serviced with the utmost care. With over 15 years of experience, we partner with owners and design professionals to build high-quality projects. We work with the industry’s top craftsmen, suppliers, and subcontractors who adhere to our high standards of quality.

Readily Available Parts and Service

At The Winston Group, we pride ourselves on readily available parts and service for our hot-air welding tools. Replacement heating elements and other necessary parts are only a phone call away, and every part is stocked and available for immediate shipment from our manufacturing plants right here in the United States. If your welders needs servicing, you can rest assured that necessary repairs will be performed quickly and in full accordance with factory performance specifications.
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