Talon 7000

Automatic Hot Air Welder For Thermoplastic Membranes

Performance Specifications

Model: Talon 7000
Temp: Ambient - 1300F (700 C)
Air Flow: 16-21 CFM (450-600 L/min)
Wattage: 6500 Watts @ 220V single phase 50/60Hz
Voltage: 230V single phase 50/60Hz
Speed 0-20 ft/mm (6 meters/min)
Weight w/o Case 77 lbs (35kg)
Shipping Weight 100lbs. (45gk)

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Talon 7000 - Automatic Hot Air Welder

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The Eagle Talon 7000 automatic hot air welder is designed to weld all types of modified bitumen membranes. The machine is an extremely “user-friendly” simple to use tool. Both speed and temperature controls are analog which allows a single operator to begin welding with very little effort. Analog controls make adjustment simple in bright sunlight when compared to difficult to read digital controls.

For Welding Modified Bitumen Membranes


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TALON 7000

Readily Available Parts and Service

With EAGLE Hot-Air Welding Tools, replacement heating elements and other needed parts are never more than a phone call away. Every part, down to the tiniest screw, is stocked and available for immediate shipment from our manufacturing plant near Chicago. And in the unlikely event that your EAGLE hot-Air Welder does need service, you can be assured that necessary repairs will be performed quickly and in full accordance with factory performance specifications.