The Eagle Talon 5000 automatic hot air welder is designed to weld all types of thermoplastic membranes (TPO, PVC, CSPE). This machine is extremely “user friendly” easy to use tool. It features accurate digital temperature control by using a thermocouple connected to a robust microprocessor giving one a closed loop system. It also features independent variable temperature and speed controls. The angled display makes reading in sunlight easier. There is also a LED work light in the welding nozzle area to facilitate directional control under conditions of dark or cloudy days.

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Automatic Hot Air Welder Features

Performance Specifications

Model: Talon 5000
Voltage: 220/230V
Wattage: 4600 Watts
Air Flow: 16-21 CFM (450-600 liters/min)
Temperature: Ambient - 1200F (650 C)
Weight: 0-25 ft/min (7.6 meters/min)
Options & Accessories: 77 lbs (35kg)


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TALON 5000